WIZR - written by Keith Wells and illustrated by Peter McMahon - Kuwait

This blog is dedicated to Keith Wells, the late Peter McMahon and their creation: Wizr - Kuwait's greatest driver. Keith Wells worked at the Arab Times in Kuwait sometime during the late 70s, early 80s. His articles about life in Kuwait have been compiled in a number of books, that are very hard to come by. As there is almost no information on WIZR on the net, this blog will endeavour to be a reference point for all WIZR fans still out there.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Kuwait - a personal view

Photographs by: Claudia Farkas
Words by: Keith Wells
Published by: Kuwait Bookshops Co. Ltd. (1987)
Kuwait - a personal view is a book of photographs taken by Claudia Farkas. Keith Wells wrote a 10 page introduction to the book with some background on Kuwait's history, culture, and Kuwaiti life in general.
As the book was printed in 1987, the photographs are obviously dated, yet most things pictured are still around today and look familiar, with some wonderful images of Kuwaitis themselves, something quite rare in other photograph books.